Let's nitpick THE WALKING DEAD biology

Since no matter what this post actually says, someone is going to bitch and say I’m ripping on the show, let me land a few pre-emptive strikes so there can be no confusion about my opinion of THE WALKING DEAD, Season 3.• The first episode was goddamn awesome• The second episode was even more goddamn […]

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THE MVP shipping starts next week!

Yesterday I received 2000 beautiful copies of the hardcover edition of THE MVP into inventory at the Warehouse of Døøm. This title publishes on September 2, 2012, but since each one is individually numbered and signed by Scott, we start the process of getting them ready to ship this week. […]

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Random Question: If you remake a movie because it was awesome (and profitable), why do you change the script so much?

With the upcoming remake of Arnold Schwatzenegger’s super-fun scifi standard TOTAL RECALL, I have a question for you. There is no right or wrong answer, per se, but damn, I’m curious — if you’re re-making a movie because it is an enduring classic that made beaucoup bucks, why do producers/writers/directors feel the need to “re-invent” […]

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Andy Griffith on football, circa 1953

Andy Griffith vs. the Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper won. The bastard always wins.

I remember watching THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW re-runs all the damn time. Andy, Opie and one-bullet Barney Fife. The Andy Griffith show was the anti-A-Team. I loved that show. Fortunately, I’m not yet of the age where MATLOCK appeals to me, […]

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I’m outta here, suckers


If you’ve read my blog posts, you know I’m old as hell. Or “was” old as hell. I’ve moved on, folks.


My humans would like to think I had a good life. I lived in Michigan and California. I drove back and fourth between those a total of four times. Add in […]

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THE MVP is trying to keeeeel me.

Take a look at this picture of Mr. Fancy-Pants Author. Yes, that is me after a week of “hold onto your goods because the workload is going to plant a size 10 in your ding-ding” work.

This is another entry in the “where the hell has Scott been” department. For the past week, […]

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