Random Question: If you remake a movie because it was awesome (and profitable), why do you change the script so much?

With the upcoming remake of Arnold Schwatzenegger’s super-fun scifi standard TOTAL RECALL, I have a question for you. There is no right or wrong answer, per se, but damn, I’m curious — if you’re re-making a movie because it is an enduring classic that made beaucoup bucks, why do producers/writers/directors feel the need to “re-invent” […]

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Andy Griffith on football, circa 1953

Andy Griffith vs. the Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper won. The bastard always wins.

I remember watching THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW re-runs all the damn time. Andy, Opie and one-bullet Barney Fife. The Andy Griffith show was the anti-A-Team. I loved that show. Fortunately, I’m not yet of the age where MATLOCK appeals to me, […]

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I’m outta here, suckers


If you’ve read my blog posts, you know I’m old as hell. Or “was” old as hell. I’ve moved on, folks.


My humans would like to think I had a good life. I lived in Michigan and California. I drove back and fourth between those a total of four times. Add in […]

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THE MVP is trying to keeeeel me.

Take a look at this picture of Mr. Fancy-Pants Author. Yes, that is me after a week of “hold onto your goods because the workload is going to plant a size 10 in your ding-ding” work.

This is another entry in the “where the hell has Scott been” department. For the past week, […]

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