This book goes on sale February 1, 2014
“Super Bowl Saturday”

 9am PT • noon ET • 5pm GMT
at that time, a live link will appear
on this page and at the main home page

Our annual Galactic Football League pre-order is almost here. This year, it’s Book V, THE CHAMPION. We’ll print 2,000 copies of this signed, numbered, limited-edition hardcover collectors item with 16 color pages inside.

The insert is a uniform guide for the GFL.

The book will be $32.95, with $3 of every sale going directly to the Wounded Warrior Project. There are no coupon codes this year, as we dropped the price $2 from last year and are also sending $3, per book, to the WWP.

THE CHAMPION synopses:
After his most successful season yet on the field, Quentin sister — his only family — is lost in the Portath Cloud, an area considered to be the “Bermuda Triangle” of the galaxy. To save her, Quentin and his teammates must first escape team owner Gredok the Splithead, and acquire a ship capable of surviving the unknown dangers that await. Quentin’s leadership and intelligence are put to the test as Becca, the Tweedy Brothers, Denver and more risk their lives to save his sister.

Set against the backdrop of a professional American football franchise seven centuries in the future, the Galactic Football League puts huge humans on the field with five alien races to create a game that is faster, stronger and deadlier than anything we know today. Quarterback Quentin Barnes has grown from a racist, small-town standout into a proven leader, a uniter of peoples, and the Galaxy’s most-famous athlete. Willing to do anything for his team, his Ionath Krakens have bound together through shared sacrifice, tragedy, devastating losses and thrilling victories.

The GFL series combines science fiction, crime and blistering sports action to create a non-stop, pulse-pounding adventure that you can’t put down until the last second ticks off the clock.


  1. Aengus '13' O'Sullivan

    That’s amazing! The GFL series combines everything I love. Scifi, football, violence and your gripping storytelling. Best audio books ever! Thankyou so much Mr Sigler, from the bottom of my dirty little heart.

  2. Will Flood

    Thanks for that post. Not long to October 14th.

    Do you have any possible dates for the Crypt Book 2? Enjoy all your books and I love listening to them. I will be listening to the Crypt for a third time whilst I wait.

    Interesting what you said recently about the GFL origins in WW1 build up and lead into WW2. Need another listen from another viewpoint.

    Go Krakens.


  3. Avatar of TerryTerry

    Is there a release date for the champion? I heard September a few months back but there has been no ability to preorder it through and thought there might have been a delay of some sort.

  4. Anthony DeCosta

    I have just recently discovered this series and love it. Is the signed limited edition of book 5 still available for pre-order or is it sold out? I ask because the pre-order link says there are 3645 still available, but the description says the limited edition is a 2000 copy run. Thanks!

    1. Avatar of scottsiglerscottsigler

      Anthony: Yes, still available. We can print as many as are pre-ordered, so we set a high number to make sure the online inventory doesn’t run out (which we would have to then go in and reset). Order away!

      1. Avatar of tony8379tony8379

        Awesome, I just ordered one. Thanks for getting back to me. I managed to pick up books 1 and 2 on the internet; now I just need to find books 3 and 4!

        Although I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, I just want to take the opportunity to say that the Infected trilogy is one of the most well-written and superbly entertaining stories that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Incredible attention to detail, techno-savvy description, deep and meaningful character development, complex and imaginative plot advancement, and an exciting pace are just a few of the virtues that I can extoll about the books. Great stuff. Thanks for doing what you do!

  5. Avatar of Barry CullumBarry Cullum

    I have to be some form of tech-tard (just like the FDO), and I can’t remember if I preordered the Champion. I thought I did, but I can’t find any form of confirmation (which doesn’t mean much, I lose those all the time).

    Is there any way I can find out if I did pre-order?

  6. Wayne

    Being a truck driver, I don’t get to read very often, but your audio books are outstanding. You’ve made a few hundred hours of driving much more enjoyable for me through the audio books. Though, my phone is getting a little tired of replaying the GFL series. I can’t wait to run The Champion.
    Thanks, Scott and staff. I have upward of 140 audio books that I’ve listened to on the road. The GFL, Huntersons, and Infected series’ are the best of any, by far.

  7. Scotto

    That’s correct. The GFL books are great and entertaining even for
    the likes of myself whose faith in football has been nearly crushed by the miserable Vikings.

  8. Avatar of Stefani RobinsonStefani Robinson

    Hey A (or Scott),

    My hubby and I were just talking and realized that it’s entirely possible we may be moving before August. It’s probably about 50/50 right now. But I just want to be sure, if that happens can I email and have that updated on my order?

    I mean, if not then I guess we just won’t move until next year but figured it didn’t hurt to ask lol.

    1. Avatar of A KovacsA Kovacs

      We’ve sold upwards of 1000 books so far. That’s the closest you’ll get for a number. Can’t tell exactly until the latency at the site and at PayPal catch up and all the emails are sent, which won’t be for a few days. In any case, the only way for me to manage customer expectations is to keep exact details close to the vest until the books ship in August, so I won’t share much more than that.

  9. Avatar of Todd TaylorTodd Taylor

    Had some trouble getting through from Japan. I think there were some browser timing-out issues. Google Chrome, which I usually use, was a no go. Firefox wouldn’t let me in. Finally, of all things, Internet Explorer, which I never use, got me in and let me place my order. Can’t wait!

  10. Avatar of Mad Dog Down UnderMad Dog Down Under

    Well, it’s approaching 1.30am where I am & I can now go to bed knowing my order is in. Don’t know if I got through in time for double digits but I’m just happy that I’ll finally find out what happened to QB & the team. Go Krakens!

    BTW – Go Empty Set Entertainment! You rock! (Even if it did take 20 minutes to get through to the site. I guess that this means we like you – we really, really like you!)

  11. Avatar of Doc ColemanDoc Coleman

    I got my order placed in under four minutes. And then the hammer hit the site. Good luck to folks trying to place their pre-orders! I made sure I logged in several minutes before the book went on sale. I think that helped me.


  12. Avatar of Stefani RobinsonStefani Robinson

    I am sitting here at work, tapping my foot in impatience! It seriously just needs to be here already. I have been mass posting about it on all my social media since yesterday, my friends are impatient with my impatience!

    This could end up being the best week ever. I have Pandemic, GFL preorder today, and potentially the Seakhaws as SB champs tomorow. I can die happy.

  13. Avatar of Eric WrightEric Wright

    In the past you included the audio book with the purchase of the book – Will you be doing that again this time? My 1st additions have never been opened – My first real collection!

    1. Avatar of A KovacsA Kovacs

      In the past we’ve included theebook with the purchase of the hardcover and we’ll be doing that again.

      We haven’t ever and won’t ever include the audiobook. That’ll eventually be free as a podcast, and will be available in September at Audible/Amazon/iTunes for purchase.

      1. Avatar of Todd TaylorTodd Taylor

        Thanks for letting me know. I understand about the rates, it’s never cheap to ship here. Hmm, maybe I’ll have it sent to my mom in the US instead and she can read it first!

        I’m looking forward to it. I’ve just started the GFL series, and am really enjoying it. The odd thing is, I’m really not much of a sports fan!! Thanks to you, dear FDO, I guess I’m becoming one! And, I’m from Seattle…go Hawks! (hope that didn’t jinx them…)

  14. Avatar of Frank CopelandFrank Copeland

    I’m so freaking amped for this book. Are the paperbacks of books 3 and 4 out yet? I’ve been really slacking in my junkie duties, and haven’t been paying a lot of attention to stuff like books and thinking lately. =]

    1. Avatar of A KovacsA Kovacs

      Easy: Just “buy” the ROOKIE Curriculum Guide. It’s free, but I’ve left the requirement for shipping address turned on. So sign in, put it in your cart, fill out the address info, and checkout.

      As long as you’re signed in when you do it, you’ll have pre-populated your address info when pre-order time comes.

      Also, please note: on the addresses page at the bottom of the right column, there’s a section called “Order Notes”. This is where you’ll ask for personalization.

  15. Avatar of Bryan JamesBryan James

    Do we know what the price point will be on this? Also, will you continue the tradition that if you buy the hard cover edition you get the e-book for free? Either way I’m getting both but would help the wallet a bit if e-book is thrown in.

    1. Avatar of A KovacsA Kovacs

      Price doesn’t change: $34.95. The coupon codes will be live too.

      And yes, if it’s Empty Set that puts the book out, you’ll always get the ebook for free when you purchase a hard cover. We can’t control what Random House does with their Scott Sigler releases, but we can do that for our releases.

  16. Avatar of BanditBandit

    Pandemic finally in my hands and it is less than a week until I get to pre-order another Sigler masterpiece. I have no other words besides, AHHHHHHRRRRGGG!! I feel like Veruca Salt-”I want it now!!”

  17. TomG

    That’s good news! I do plan on DLing the audiobook, but, will GFL V be put on

    Also, when will the next iteration of “The Crew” (BK 2) and EarthCore be available?

    1. Avatar of scottsiglerscottsigler

      TomG: GFL V won’t be on Podiobooks until we complete the podcast of it, and that’s in line behind the full podcast of PANDEMIC. So, it’s going to be a long time before it hits

      1. Avatar of Chris TooheyChris Toohey

        Awesome news – I’m loving what Phil is doing with Nocturnal and Bones are White, but the GFL characters have become so set in my head that I hear Scott’s character-voice when I’m reading.
        I get it’s a difficult thing to balance – the less time he spends in the techtardis the more time he’s writing – but sometimes [my] selfish fandom wins out over logic and reason!

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