Empty Set’s con schedule for 2015

A video FridayFix™ where we talk about our con schedule for 2015. Come see us! Also, Scott’s excessive whiteness, Snoop D-O-Double-G con, gangstas, “air parenthesis” and Christopher Columbus.

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The Lost FRIENDS episodes

Friends and stuff

This year is the 20th anniversary of the first season of FRIENDS. Yes-yes, I know, you hate that show, you find it insipid and dumb — and yet you’ve watched several dozen episodes, and felt bad about yourself for laughing along with them. I loved the show. I couldn’t stand David Schwimmer’s role, but hey, five out […]

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THE CHAMPION Episode #16

The Krakens were back at “The Big Eye” in Ionath City to open up training camp. Now, the Krakens head into Week Two of the pre-season. But things aren’t all football — when Quentin & Co were in the Portath Cloud, they were visited by a projection of Petra Prawatt, the living God of the Prawatt race. She used Cormorant Bumberpuff to project herself and deliver a message about a pending intergalactic invasion. Quentin can’t trust Bumberpuff, and tension between the two All-Pro players remains high. And now, Episode 16 of … The Champion.


After the episode, Scott talks about the new video set up in the Empty Set office.

PROMO IN THIS EPISODE: Still Out of Time a charity anthology supporting Doctors Without Borders.

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Empty Set’s Top Four Stories of 2014

Now in fancy video form! New and improved!

We won’t lie, 2014 was our company’s biggest year yet. ARealGirl and the FDØ busted out the new video setup to blab about our top four stories of 2014. Thrill to the sight of so many damn books published this year!

Don’t see the video above? Click here to download.

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Free Audiobooks at http://scottsigler.com/free-audiobooks/

FridayFix • Empty Set 2014 Year In Review

It’s the holidays, suckas! And with it comes year’s end, and with that comes our annual rambling-ass Year In Review.


The two gasbag partners in Empty Set Entertainment combined to bring you an hour and twenty minutes of blabby-blab about the books we published, the tours we toured and the anthologies we anthologized — and also the new addition to the fam, our lovely little Dog of Døøm. Did we mention how long this episode is? Listen at your own risk.

And, we did our top-four stories of 2014 as a fancy video. Wanna watch? Just click here.

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Book review: GOLDEN SON

Book II of Pierce Brown's RED RISING trilogy

GOLDEN SON by Pierce BrownLet’s just get this out of the way: My name is Scott, and I am a fanboy. I love this series.

As a novelist, I realize I’m supposed to keep some level of analytical distance in order to critique to structure, form, plot, pacing, character development, etc., but for the RED RISING series, my button-pushing brain simply shuts off about five pages in — much as it does with the GAME OF THRONES series. Like an amoeba surrounding a hapless paramecium, Pierce Brown’s debut series simply engulfs me.

The single best thing I can say about GOLDEN SON and the series is this: I wish I could live in this world. Which is weird, considering …

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Poll: The Most-Ridiculous Bowl Game Name

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THE CHAMPION Episode #15

The off-season distractions are over, and it’s finally time for the pre-season. The defending GFL-champion Ionath Krakens get ready as a team, but one individual element remains: Becca’s rookie contract. Earlier in the story, Quentin promised Becca he would help her with this — by introducing her to his agent.


After the episode, Scott blabs about his first-ever trip to a Disney property. Think he’s a grown-ass man? Maybe not after you hear this. Blame it on our Petco Coupons page!

PROMO IN THIS EPISODE: The new Paul E. Cooley podcast novel THE BLACK.

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This is where you can get your Fix, Junkies!

FridayFix • Shiz Happens

Plus: Throat wounds; chasing the horse and/or pony and/or dragon; teetering masses of crockery; death by Jenga and laces out, Dan!

Rob-and-ScottIt’s the holidays, and that means family and what-not. It also means things popping up out of nowhere like schedule-destroying demons, hell-bend on ruining all yer carefully crafted plans. Yep, happens to us like it happens to everyone else, so how do we handle that?


At right is my lifelong buddy Rob Otto. We were born on the same day, same year, so — obviously — we’re twins! He was part of the very schedule-scuttling distractions of which we speak.

How about you? What kind of things popped up during your holiday season to scuttle your schedules?

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THE CHAMPION Episode #14

Quentin finally gets some time to enjoy his status as the Galaxy Bowl MVP. He’s off to Earth, then it’s time to scout for new players at the Tier Three Tournament. Then, a return to Ionath and a stressful visit with Ma Tweedy.


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THE CHAMPION, Book V in the YA/scifi Galactic Football League series.

THE CHAMPION Episode #12

To save his sister Jeanine and his friend Fred, Quentin challenged the Portath known as The Gouger to a duel. When Quentin was preparing for this ultimate showdown, he was sucker-punched by John Tweedy — who is going to step into pit to fight in Quentin’s place. With a broken jaw and pain meds in his system, Quentin is helpless to do anything but watch John fight to the death.


Note: Scott recorded this early, and forgot he was recording early, so he told everyone how to behave on Thanksgiving. Which is already over. Such is life.

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THE CHAMPION Episode #11

To win his sister’s freedom, Quentin challenged the Portath known as “The Gouger” to a duel to the death. He’ll have to fight with the awkward “double crescent” knives, the traditional weapon of that race. If Quentin steps into the stone pit for this fight, will he make it out alive?

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THE CHAMPION, Book V in the YA/scifi Galactic Football League series.

THE CHAMPION Episode #10

The quest is almost over. Quentin finally gets to see his sister. In the massive Portath ship, quentin and his friends learn that the “Bermuda Triangle” of the galaxy is not all it seems. But to get his sister out, will Quentin have to face … the Gouger?


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