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FridayFix • One-Star Reviews

ARealGirl and I were lucky enough to be invited by our buddy Jonathan Maberry‘s “Writers Coffeehouse” event at Mysterious Galaxy Books in San Diego. Lots of hungry writers looking for ways to improve their craft and find a way into the biz. One of the questions that came up was, “How do you handle negativity about you or your works on social media?”

That’s something we know quite a bit about. From the early days of my writing career where I made the mistake of engaging with unhappy readers, to our current attitude of “let it roll,” our philosophy of how to react has evolved quite a bit. In this podcast, ARealGirl and spend about 30 minutes talking about what we think is the “correct” way to handle such issues, and we give some guidance on what can happen to creatives if they choose to spray their oh-so-important opinion all over the internets.

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THE CHAMPION Episode #34

Last week, Quentin Barnes sat on the bench as Becka “The Wrecka” Montagne lined up at Quarterback and led the undefeated Krakens to a narrow one-point win over Buddha City. Will Quentin’s concussion keep him off the field for this week’s tilt against rival Wabash Wolfpack?

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FridayFix • New GoDaddy Codes

Long-time show sponsor GoDaddy has changed their GoDaddy Coupon codes as of today, May 1, 2015. Since so many people use our GoDaddy Coupons (you’d be shocked, I tell you), and since their advertising is a big part of our small biz, we’re dedicating this FridayFix to giving y’all the scoop on the change.

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Author Photo Shoot … FANCY!

Sign a new book deal, and the publisher wants a new author photo for the hardcover jacket. How’s a photo shoot go down? Why, with tiny dog battles, ‘natch!

The photo was shot at Hollywood Loft studios. Crew: Joan Allen (photographer), David Stevenson (art director), Matt Harbicht (digital technician), Mary Klimek (grooming), Sara Strimpel (intern), Michael Lohr (studio owner).

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THE CHAMPION Episode #30

In the last episode, the mole for the Zoroastrian Guild was uncovered. Now Quentin has to deal with the fallout. He knows all-pro offensive guard Michael Kimberlin and backup defensive lineman Jason Procknow were involved as well. Quentin has to decide if he’ll turn them over to GFL commissioner Rob Froese, or if he’ll keep the secret of two men who might be party to murderous terrorist acts.

Listen after the story for all the nitty-gritty details about our ALIVE trailer shoot last week!

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FridayFix • Technical Difficulties

Damn you, CHAMPION Episode 29!

Even after doing this week in and week out for a decade, sometimes technology can still slither up behind you and sink its fangs deep into your tuchas. That’s what happened to us with THE CHAMPION Episode #29. We still don’t know what happened.

And before you start slinging that “TechTard” term around, listen to this episode to hear about our troubleshooting — and to hear us let off a wee little bit of steam about a frustrating incident.

Now, where did we put that snakebite kit …

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When fans die

Fans mourn when a creator passes on:
but what about the other way around?

eBay auction for full GFL set

I love my fans like nobody’s business. I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am, and I continue to do so to this day, but I never forget that it is my readers who give me the life that I have.

“Wait a minute ,” you say, “how come you’re not calling us Junkies?”

Hold yer pants […]

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New cover for ALIVE? Whaaaa?

So you get that book deal with a big publisher, they work closely with you on a cover, and then, boom, three months from publication they change it? Why would they do that? How does that work? Does it screw up branding? Advertising? All previous marketing efforts? How much say does the author get? Watch the vid to find out.

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Our 10th Anniversary: free eBooks for you!

Free eBooks

10thBundleTo celebrate a decade of podcasting, we’re giving away an eBook bundle with all the Empty Set Entertainment titles. Click here or click on the image at right to get yours. Yes, feel free to tell all your friends about this.

This freebie is good on Monday, March 23, 2015 only, from midnight to 11:59pm.

When you get the link emailed to you, you need to download the bundle on your computer. If you get the download link on your phone and try to download on your phone, not gonna work. We can’t help you with that, so download on your computer, then transfer to your favorite eReader device.


  • THE CHAMPION ebook
  • THE MVP ebook
  • THE ALL-PRO ebook
  • THE STARTER ebook
  • THE ROOKIE ebook
  • THE REPORTER ebook
  • TITLE FIGHT ebook
  • BLOOD is RED ebook
  • BONES are WHITE ebook
  • A sneak peek PDF of the first fifty pages of the rewritten EARTHCORE
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The Waiting Game

Indy Infected

If you recall, ma’ams and/or sirs, Empty Set Entertainment currently has two properties optioned for TV series. NOCTURNAL is being developed by Lloyd Levin (producer of HELLBOY, DIE HARD 2, THE WATCHMEN), and INFECTED is being developed by Timberman/Beverly Productions (JUSTIFIED, ELEMENTARY). What, you say? You have two series in development?  Yes. We are fat […]

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THE CHAMPION Episode #27

The Krakens were onboard the Touchback and about to punch out for a road game at New Whitok when the Regulator — flagship of the GFL — appeared. Quentin was ordered to his own quarters to meet with League Commissioner Rob Froese. The last time Froese was on the touchback, someone got busted for mods, and was never heard from again? What does Froese want this time?

No post-story talky-talk this week!

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THE CHAMPION Episode #26

The attack on Quentin and his teammates at the Neptune Net Colony almost ended in disaster. The team is shaken up, and some of the Krakens want answers. Quentin is the only one that knows Jonathan Sandoval was both Quentin’s rescuer, and now his blackmailer — threatening to tell the Creterakian Ministry of Religion about the true size of the Church of Quentin Barnes unless Quentin forks over a huge sum of money. Quentin can’t tell anyone, or Sandoval will rat him out, and the CMR will want Quentin dead.

This is a big fat episode, so there’s not talky talk after the episode.

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FridayFix • So You Wanna Be A Writer #2

Scott's tips on how to organize your research

“Hey, Sigler, how do you organize your research?” I get asked this all the time, and my answer is old-school — I use a big-ass binder. This video walks you through my process. Maybe it can help you be more efficient in your efforts. Now this isn’t the only way to organize research, but in the video I explain why it works for me.  Remember, kids — when it comes to writing there is no “correct answer.” Whatever works for you, works for you.

Want to listen to the audio instead? Here ya go:

Brought to you by our Moosejaw Coupon code SIGLER, which saves 10% on already discounted merch at the world’s biggest vendor of outdoor gear.

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Amazon knows us well …

Save 50% on dog toys with the Petco Coupons page at

Amazon's knows us well

Oh, Amazon, you know us so well. This “buy it again” email nails the Empty Set Entertainment culture right on its cold, wet little nose. We run on dog toys and coffee. In our defense, there are 80 cups of coffee in that one box, so by the time the Little Ball of Hate™ finishes dismembering these toys (third time for the Cardinal, second time for the Dinosaur, the DoDo Bird is still hanging tough), we’ll nee to put in a new order to keep things moving along.

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