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FridayFix • So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

If you’re a regular FridayFix aficionado, you may find this podcast disturbing, shocking and like a bullet to your very heart. Well, that’s overly dramatic, but shit, man, I’m a writer — hyperbole is my business. ARealGirl and I sit down to hash out the future of this ‘cast. Listen in.

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ALONE Full Cover

Junkies, here’s a fun bit of how the sausage is made. Del Rey Publishing was cool enough to share with me the full ALONE dust jacket for the hardcover, which is out March 7, 2017. That’s Spingate on the cover (sorry if that’s a spoiler, folks, but ALIVE and Continue Reading →

PANDEMIC Episode #12

Margaret Montoya and Tim Feely have been analyzing the infected body of Candice Walker, a crewmember of the Los Angeles, which attacked other ships in the Operation Wolf’s Head task force. They assumed Candice was part of the attacking crew, but was there another reason she wound up among the casualties? Meanwhile, Murray Longworth has been tapped as a key advisor to President Blackmon. That relationship will put Murray in the crosshairs of a decision that could lead to World War III.

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FridayFix • Scott’s outtakes from THE RIDER

Recorded live, at SiglerFest2k16!

If you’ve followed the ‘cast for the past few years, you may have heard ARealGirl or our audio producer Iceberg talk about how I curse up a storm of frustration while in the recording booth. Recording the audiobook is the final stage of editing for us. When you read things out loud, they often sound different from how they read on a printed page. So you think you’ve written one thing, but when you read it out loud, you realize it’s not at all what you meant.

While it’s a fantastic method for streamlining your writing and making sure verbose writer vocabs don’t get in the way of the story, it often makes me mad as hell. This short little FridayFix captures some of that frustration — my pain is your comedy. Thanks to Iceberg for cutting these bits out and assembling them.

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PANDEMIC Episode #9

• Scott tells you all about it in this episode.
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Margaret Montoya and Tim Feely are in a race against time to analyze the rapidly decomposing bodies of Wicked Charlie Petrovsky and Candice Walker — but are either of those corpses still infectious? Meanwhile, Clarence Otto’s investigation of the divers who recovered the vector continues. If they were completely sealed up for deep-water work, how did the infection get through to them? And, Chinese operative Bo Pan will give sleeper agent Steve Stanton a rude awakening about the stakes of their mission.
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PANDEMIC Episode #8

• Scott tells you all about it in this episode.
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Two divers brought up the remnant from the Los Angeles. One, Cantrel, is not infected, while the other, Clark, just tested positive. They are in BSL4 containment aboar the Carl Brashears, where Tim Feely, Margaret Montoya and Clarence Otto are working to stop the disease’s spread. While Tim and Margaret analyze the black rot on the disease’s first two victims — Candice Walker and Crazy Charlie Petrovsky — Clarence must talk to Cantrel to find out what went wrong on that fateful dive.

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Scotty Doesn’t Know Episode #2

Actual answers below (hit “Continue Reading”): The second installment of this hard-hitting, Pulitzer-worthy show that has lots of newsiness baked right inside. I get asked five questions and give definitive answers, even if I have no idea what the actual answer is.

PS: I shot this awhile ago and don’t currently have that luscious, manly beard, so enjoy the face-lettuce while you can.

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FridayFix • DARKTOWN author Thomas Mullen

Scott interviews Thomas Mullen, author-to-author. Mullen just released the novel DARKTOWN, based on the true story of the first-ever black policemen in Atlanta in 1948. Imagine being a cop and you can’t arrest white people, can’t enter a precinct because the white cops might riot, and can’t even drive a squad car.

The novel involves four major characters, two black, two white. The four must combine to solve the murder of a black woman.

In this interview, we dive into:

  • Mullen’s research into Atlanta and the racism early black cops faced.
  • DARKTOWN being optioned for a TV series by Jamie Foxx.
  • How a white writer approaches the telling of this story.
  • You win major awards … then what? Lessons learned in his first decade as a published novelist.

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Book III in the INFECTED Trilogy

PANDEMIC Episode #6

Margaret and Otto have just arrived on the USS Carl Brashear, a military cargo ship converted to be the biohazard resaerch headquarters of Operation Wolf’s Head, the mission to find and analyze the wreckage of the Orbital.

They aren’t the only ones after that wreckage — the small ship Mary Ellen Moffet, owned and operated by Michiganders Jeff Brockman and Cooper Mitchell, are taking their passengers out on Lake Michigan. Those passengers, Bo Pan and Steve Stanton, are agents of the Chinese government. Steve’s invention, the Platypus, is about to be put into the water to find the Los Angeles, a nuclear sub that attacked other ships in the Wolf’s Head task force.

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FridayFix • Paul & Storm

Here’s another fun interview we did at DragonCon 2015, with Paul Sabourin and Greg “Storm” DiConstanzo, a.k.a. the comedy music duo “Paul & Storm.” These talented cats are wading neck-deep in nerd culture, having co-created the w00tstock tour and regularly performing with Jonathan Coulton, Adam Savage, Wil Wheaton and more. Want to hear how a couple of guys built a career as full-time entertainers? Listen in, sirs and/or ma’ams.

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FridayFix • Author Michelle Belanger

The source of Hunter Hunterson & Sons demonology!

At DragonCon 2015, I was on a panel with author Michelle Belanger, the author of DICTIONARY OF DEMONS. Since this book is a central source for future Hunter Hunterson & Sons stories, when I ran into her at DragonCon this year (2016), and discovered she had a new fiction novel out, I had to have her on the FridayFix.

We talk about her books as well as a ton of other fascinating topics, such as:

  • Writing diverse characters, including handicapped characters.
  • The risks of “diversity bingo.”
  • Her time on the TV show PARANORMAL STATE.
  • Moving from non-fiction (she wrote 30 non-fiction books) to fiction.
  • Industry objections of a woman writing action, and to an intersex author in general.
  • Should female writers use initials instead of their real first name?

Michelle Belanger


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PANDEMIC Episode #4

Operation Wolf’s Head was a secret naval task force charged with recovering any wreckage from “the Orbital,” the hostile piece of alien tech responsible for a hideous outbreak that threatened to wipe out humanity. One of the ships in that task force, the nuclear sub Los Angeles, fired upon and sank other ships before it was itself destroyed.

Two corpses from the Los Angeles tested positive for the infection caused by the Orbital five years earlier. Murray Longworth, head of the Department of Special Threats, assigned Margaret Montoya to that task force in hopes that her extensive knowledge of this contagion could help stop another potential outbreak. Meanwhile, Steve Stanton, a sleeper agent of the Chinese government, was activated by his handler. Steve has been preparing for years, waiting for a chance to find the Orbital’s remains. To make his plan work, he needs to hire a boat to take him out to the location of that battle.

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Whitey Whiterson writes PoC skin tones …

Points to consider for writers describing people of color

Did you know that certain skin tone descriptions can piss some people right the fuck off?

We contracted a new editor to do the copyedit for my scifi/thriller EARTHCORE (out Nov. 29 in print, eBook and audiobook). This editor did a solid job. She’s quickly getting the hang of my particular style and the Siglerverse as well […]

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FridayFix • DragonCon One For The Junkies panel

We recorded this live at Dragon*Con 2016 in Atlanta. It’s an annual tradition to pack a room full of Junkies and pander to them. There guns, and chicks, and stories, and chicks, and firetrucks, and drinking, and chicks. For this one, I read the first page of six upcoming stories, and finished with a never-before-heard short story about a man and a cat.

There is one pause in the beginning and then some cheering when ARealGirl came in to deliver me a delicious Bud Light.

FridayFix • One For Tha Junkies

Many thanks to Les Green for the bottle of Chivas that was enjoyed by many Junkies! You rock, sir.

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FridayFix • author Erik Storey

New author treks down from the hills to chat with the FDØ

Erik Storey’s first novel NOTHING SHORT OF DYING drops August 16. The book is getting a big push from his publisher (Simon & Schuster), but Erik is far from the typical novelist.

He came down from the mountains (literally) where he’s living in a tent (yes, a tent) to record this, his first-ever podcast. A fascinating chat with this new author.

Cool stuff we talk about:

  • Erik’s first-ever trip to New York was this year (which he describes as “Crocodile Dundee in NYC”).
  • How growing up in the boonies affected his fiction.
  • Erik used his last $9 to send out the manuscript for this book—something that changed his life forever.

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