FridayFix #141: Scott’s trip to NASA Stennis

FDØ watches RS-25 rocket test: takes world-domination notes

I was invited by NASA Social to watch a test of the RS-25 rocket engine, which once drove the Space Shuttle program and is now a main element of the Space Launch System (SLS). Watch this bad boy go from -400 to 6,000 freakin’ degrees in a matter of seconds, then instantly freeze back up again when the burn is done. Amazing stuff. Thank you, NASA!

• NASA’s fancy video of the same event
• Overview of the RS-25 engine

Click here Click here to download the video.

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Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

The NFL season is almost upon us: I delude myself, do you?

All teams want that trophy! Learn more at

We’re sixteen days from the launch of the NFL 2015 campaign. If you’re an NFL fan, then you — like me — are unavoidably thinking that this is the year for your team. Don’t lie, fool, I can tell you’re thinking of a possible 10-6 record, maybe even 12-4, a trip to the playoffs, a couple of […]

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ALIVE Episode #9

Em and the others were shocked to run into a pig. Desperate for food, the kids made the instant decision to kill the pig, but it escaped, biting Latu in the shoulder and badly wounding her as it did. Against Em’s orders, Bishop ran after the pig, leaving Em no choice but to follow him. They tracked the wounded animal’s to a room with something the kids have never seen before — plants, a dense wall of brambly thicket. The pig’s blood trail leads through a shallow tunnel gnawed through that thicket, so that’s where Bishop and Em will go, too.

Stick around after the episode to hear all about my trip to NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi this past week!

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FridayFix • Author Jason Hough talks
about his new novel ZERO WORLD

Published in rapid succession, Jason M. Hough’s first three novels, THE DARWIN ELEVATOR, THE EXODUS TOWERS, and THE PLAGUE FORGE, earned comparisons to James S. A. Corey and John Scalzi. Hough returns with ZERO WORLD, a riveting near-future spy thriller described as “James Bond meets INCEPTION.” Jason sat down with Scott to talk about becoming an “instant best-seller,” writing schedules, and juggling family needs with his role as a full-time writer.

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ALIVE Episode #6

As the group struggles to deal with the fallout from Yong’s attack, they hear the first evidence that they are not alone — the sound of heavy footsteps marching in time. That sound is drawing closer. Will Em and the others finally find out why they’ve been put in this strange dungeon?

We’re back from the ALIVE book tour! So much fun to see so many smiling faces. There’s a few pictures here. Check them out.

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ALIVE Episode #4

Em and Spingate have escaped their coffins, and managed to open two more — one holds the sleeping K. O’Malley, while the other contains the dead body of B. Brewer. Eight more coffins remain unopened. In this episode, Em and Spingate find out how many coffins contain potential friends and allies, and how many contain shriveled corpses.

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Last chance to save $15 on the limited-edition GFL Book VI hardcover — pre-order the ALIVE hardcover before July 14 and email the receipt to We’ll send you a unique code to use for GFL Book VI. It’s like getting ALIVE for free! Details here.

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ALIVE Book Trailer

FFS, we posted the ALIVE trailer all over hell and high water and forgot to post it on our own damn site. Jiminy, we must be busy or something. Well, feast your eyes, Junkies! Not only are we posting the trailer here, but the next installment on this site/feed will be a cool “Making of the trailer” podcast with the producer and director.

This is a good version, but for the seriously high-quality high-def trailer, click here to watch it on YouTube. Book trailers — yes, they are a thing!

ALIVE is out July 14. Don’t think “YA” is for you? Yeah, right, sucka, like a Sigler novel is going to be about high school melodrama or something. That’s okay, we’re out to convince you it’s the real deal, that’s why we’re giving $15 off GFL Book VI if you pre-order a hardcover copy of ALIVE (which basically means your getting ALIVE for free).

Click here to download the trailer.

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ALIVE Episode #2

M. Savage woke to a nightmare — trapped in a coffin, alone, unable to remember anything about her past. She fought her way free only to find herself in a room full of coffins. One of those coffins contained another girl, trapped just like her. In this episode, the blood-streaked pair try to make some sense of their situation.

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Wanna save $15 on the limited-edition GFL Book VI hardcover when it goes on sale in 2016? Pre-order the ALIVE hardcover before July 14 and email the receipt to We’ll send you a unique code to use for GFL Book VI. It’s like getting ALIVE for free! Details here.

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Part Two of Two

Here’s the second half of our oh-so-fun Q&A session for Book V of the GFL series. Missed Part I? It’s right here, fool!

And again, a warning. SPOILER ALERT for the whole episode.

Now a warning?

There are spoilers for the whole GFL series, and even spoilers for several other Siglerverse stories. You’ve been warned!

Don’t see a “play” button above? Click here to download. Oh, look, a Young Adult Books page.

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FridayFix • Should you outline your novel?

Featuring best-selling authors Naomi Novik & Peter V. Brett

Naomi NovikWhen we hit Phoenix Comicon, we got to hang out with a ton of awesome authors. We were able to snag a few of them for FridayFix interviews about writing and the business of writing. This week’s FridayFix features one of those interviews, with the awesome Peter V. Brett and the brilliant Naomi Novik. I chatted them up about a constant question I get from new writers: should I outline my book, or just write it?

Naomi is the author of the New York Times best-selling Temeraire series, and her brand-new novel UPROOTEDPETER V BRETT which is in stores on June 15, 2015. Snag it! Peter is the author of the Demon Cycle series,  some seriously kick ass fantasy. They are both New York Times best-sellers and have sold gajillions of books, meaning they know their shit when it comes to writing.

Peter outlines, Naomi doesn’t, so listen in and see which method might work for you.

We also talk about Peter writing an entire novel on his cell phone, and Naomi writing her latest novel in freaking long-hand. You know, on actual paper? WTF.

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FridayFix • One-Star Reviews

ARealGirl and I were lucky enough to be invited by our buddy Jonathan Maberry‘s “Writers Coffeehouse” event at Mysterious Galaxy Books in San Diego. Lots of hungry writers looking for ways to improve their craft and find a way into the biz. One of the questions that came up was, “How do you handle negativity about you or your works on social media?”

That’s something we know quite a bit about. From the early days of my writing career where I made the mistake of engaging with unhappy readers, to our current attitude of “let it roll,” our philosophy of how to react has evolved quite a bit. In this podcast, ARealGirl and spend about 30 minutes talking about what we think is the “correct” way to handle such issues, and we give some guidance on what can happen to creatives if they choose to spray their oh-so-important opinion all over the internets.

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