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About A Kovacs

I'm the Director of Døøm here at Empty Set Entertainment, and a founding partner at Audacity Events, a San Diego based management company that builds world class events and manages one-of-a-kind talent.  I'm a movie geek, Doctor Who fan, skeptic and science nerd. I don't like chocolate all that much.

Pre-ordering THE ALL-PRO? Watch this first!

Some final instructions to make sure you get your book ordered, and make sure you get the lowest number possible. Add THE ALL-PRO to your collection! You know you want it. I mean, look at you, if you didn’t want it, would you have worn those socks? And we’re still messin’ with HD, because [...]

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Embarassing Scott Photos #5

As we continue in our riveting series of my checkered past, we dive into the college years. This is one of the few pics I have of my “band days” in college. Full-on goatee, and yeah, at one point I had long hair. I was playing bass in a band called “Kid Rhitalin.” We [...]

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Happy Birthday Future Dark Øverlord!

Sometimes Scott swipes my FridayFix™ for something he thinks is pretty cool. Today, to celebrate his birthday, I’m sneaking into the Blog of F**K YEAH! to share this:

There’s tons more well-wishing over on Facebook, and feel free to add your thoughts below if you’d like. Thanks to all [...]

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