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About and coupon code STORYTIME14 is a leading supplier of discount ink cartridges and toners. We carry a complete line of printer inkjet cartridges, inkjet refill kits, laser toner, fax toner and countless other printer supplies for virtually any inkjet or laser printer on the market. Our prices and customer assistance provided any time you order an ink cartridge or a toner are unmatched by the competition.

Does have my printer cartridge? My printer is old, jack!

Yeah, has your printer cartridge, ink, laser toner and all that stuff for your fax (does anyone still use a fax?). You name it, 4InkJet has the stuff you need, with a 100 percent guarantee that lasts for a year.

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Does a bear crap in the woods? Hell yes you can use the coupon code STORYTIME14 for you work-related purchases at
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