PANDEMIC University Tour

Awwwww snap!. We’ve got the tour dates for the PANDEMIC University Tour to promote my next novel, the conclusion to the INFECTED trilogy. We can’t go everywhere, people, so here is where we are going. I hear those college kids these days are crazy cray-crays full of fun. We shall see, Xur … we shall see.

Links and things to come soon.

Sat, Jan. 18 3:00pm San Francisco Borderlands Books
866 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110
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Tue, Jan. 21 6:00pm Chicago B&N DePaul University
1 E Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604
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Wed, Jan. 22 7:00pm Cambridge Harvard Coop Bookstore
1400 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138
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Thu, Jan. 23 6:00pm Philadelphia B&N University of Pennsylvania
3601 Walnut St. Philadelphia, PA  19104
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Fri, Jan. 24 7:00pm Baltimore B&N Johns Hopkins
3330 Saint Paul St., Baltimore, MD 21218
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Sat, Jan. 25 2:00pm Nashville B&N Vanderbilt
2501 West End Ave. Nashville, TN 37203
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Sun, Jan. 26 2:30pm Los Angeles Mysterious Galaxy
2810 Artesia Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
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Mon, Jan. 27 7:00pm San Diego Mysterious Galaxy
7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111
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  1. Drelijarlos

    Loving It!

    Gotta love the fact that nobody ever had a camera when I did stupid stuff!

    May barbarians invade your personal space!

  2. Carnie

     I love compliations,

     I love compliations, better yet that this one has people getting hurt!!!!!!!!!!


    Does someone go into the park and, uh… lift up the dinosaurs’ skirts?

  3. Death_Tone


    “Who is Number One?”, “You, are Number Six!”, “I am not a number, I am a free man!”

  4. GJ

    Oh My

    That’s the record number of ‘oh my gods’ and ‘hand over my mouth’ moment ever while watching youtube!!
    [flickr-photo:id=5353037802,size=m] & Proud member of the Gutter Sistren

  5. sigler-stalker

    oh ya…

    i Just saw this on ray william johnson, literally 2 min before flicking over here… is this stalking me?

  6. DragonRiderOfPernEatenByAncestors

    I hurt now…

    …I think I have tried at least six of those stunts.

    The Irishman from Ohio

  7. richno3

    Not the smartest of the bunch!

    [flickr-photo:id=5037197887,size=m] Wolfpack Quarterback

  8. Mr_Fahrenheit

    It’s good to witness the cleansing of the gene pool

    — Death, chaos and mayhem, the music of the night


    two words

    Great video!……….The extremely humble owner of “THE ROOKIE” #2487/3000

  10. BigJohn

    Fuck yeah.


    “Next up on the Violence Channel, an all-new ‘Ow, my balls!'”


    Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words, Life Coach to the Damned.